SUV’s are a phenomena in today’s automotive line up. Who would ever figure that people will get so turned on by this reconditioned mini van. And at the prices these vehicles are fetching, your customers know that repairs are going to run higher, yet they are willing to pay what it takes. Which is why they generally return to the dealer shop for their alternator and starter repairs.

Now you can compete with the dealer’s and attract SUV service business back to your shop. With Power Select your alternator and starter business never looked so profitable!

Power Select was developed to fill that huge gap between OEM and remanufactured alternators and starters. At Power Select, we build only brand new alternators and starters. We start with all new parts and components, engineered to exact OEM specs. In fact, we are so close to OEM you might have a hard time finding any difference in our quality and fit. But there is a difference, a couple that will make a big impact on your service business.

1-With Power Select, you’re getting an OEM True part, without the big ticket of the OEM part. And without having to deal with those guys at the dealer desk, that would just as soon see you fail, than to help you out. Forget them, go for the pro design of Power Select.

2-NO CORE. With Power Select, there is no core deposit, return or charge involved. We keep it clean and simple. And what’s more, when the core man comes around, you sell it to him, at fair market value, not at what he wants to pay you. Time for you to make a buck.

And don’t think for a moment that we don’t have the coverage. We do! More than most out there on the market today. From Ford to Mercedes. We cover the gamut clear back to 2000. That’s 16+ years of SUV’s in your market.

When you’re ready to put all the issues of reman parts and high price of OEM behind, get selective…go with Power Select.