Automotive engines are smaller and more powerful than ever before. Under hood temperatures have increased over 50 percent in late model vehicles and optional equipment places increased demand on charging systems. These changes require a new generation of replacement alternators. Power Select Alternators are designed to exceed the performance of the original alternator in your vehicle or any remanufactured alternator sold as a replacement.

Internal_electronicsPower Select is Professional Grade
Engineered for Quality
Power Select replacement alternators are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the standards of the original equipment unit we are replacing. Power Select Alternators are completely new manufactured, using high-quality, tested and inspected components. Nothing is remanufactured or previously used. With hundreds of applications available, there is most likely a Power Select Alternator available to fit your car, truck or SUV.


Power Select Product Technical InformationComparison
Application Specific
• Our alternators are all 100% new components. Nothing used, or refurbished.
• All finished products are fully tested to O.E.M. specifications and standards for performance and fit.
• Alternators are thoroughly tested for output current at idle and full load speed.
• Endurance and environmental validated.

Power Select products are made using premium WBD Bearings and designed with:
• 3-point triple-lip full contact hybrid polyacrylic seals.
• Kyodo Yushi high temperature grease. A grease composition for high-temperature, high-speed and high-loads.

Premium Internal Electronics
Meets or exceeds all O.E.M. specifications
Power Select units incorporate many features to optimize wear resistance and deliver consistent electric current. All products go through stringent validation processes before packaging and release to the market.

• O.E.M. type diodes utilized on rectifier assemblies to ensure maximum field life.
• Welded diode to rectifier lead frame assembly to enhance performance and field life.
• Utilizing advanced components for the voltage regulators resulting in lowest power (heat) dissipation – extended field life of alternator.

All products go through stringent validation processes before packaging and release to the market.
• Endurance
• Humidity
• Power Thermal Cycling
• Vibration
• Salt Spray
• Power thermal cycle tested from -40°C to 200°C to meet minimum of 5000 cycles.

Built to be Professional Grade

Power Select Units Performance Testing
In order to provide you with the best product in the market, we test each unit before it leaves our factory. Each product is performance tested to make certain that it produces the right amperage to keep it charging. In this way, Power Select products have proven reliability and superior quality.
Performance Testing
Each alternator that we build includes a set of testing results in the box, so you know it is Professional Grade.
Our Package
When you first receive your Power Select Alternator, you’re going to notice something different about our products. You will notice the care and consideration that has gone into the packaging to ensure that the component you ordered is received in perfect condition. An alternator is a delicate part when it is not bolted to a vehicle. The alternator gets its strength from being bolted to a stressing member within an automotive chassis. As Automotive Engineers, we know that to get the alternator to you, so it can be bolted to your automobile, we must protect the product in shipping.
A Fully Protected Alternator
This is done by way of a proprietary foam injection process that gives each unit that we manufacture, its own custom box for shipping to you. This foam injection process envelopes the product so it will arrive in pristine condition. Hardware that is included with the unit is also enveloped within this foam injected barrier that prevents hardware from being lost or damaged. Just another way to keep our products ‘Professional Grade-worthy’. You won’t see this kind of care with any remanufactured alternator.