About Power Select

Feel like you are caught between the questionable quality of remanufactured and the high-cost of OE alternators and starters? Now you have a better solution, Power Select offers you 100% all new, true OE alternators & starters, at prices that will send the reman guys away with their hair on fire. Today, you can start your engines and keep those batteries charged with a premier name in alternators & starters. Power Select is your #1 choice for original equipment replacement alternators & starters.

Building automotive parts to exact OE specification is no easy task. OE certification requires strict adherence to stringent precision and performance criteria. These exacting criteria are applied in the manufacturing of all Power Select Alternators & Starters. Power Select replacement parts are engineered, quality built and 100% factory tested, under extreme operating conditions, before packaging and shipment to your parts supplier.


Power Select Alternators & Starters are designed to replace most OE equipment. Well anything back to year 2000. For the past 15 years, we have the most import & domestic coverage. For virtually every vehicle on the road (car, SUV & light trucks). Our focus on exacting OE specifications, and close attention to fit, make Power Select, an assured easy replacement. All Power Select alternators & starters meet or exceed OE manufacturer standards, mount properly with minimal or no installation issues, and run like nothing else on the road.

Power Select replacement alternators & starters are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the standards of the original equipment unit we are replacing. Power Select alternators & starters are completely new manufactured, using high-quality, tested and inspected components. Nothing is remanufactured or previously used. With hundreds of applications available, there is most likely a Power Select part available to fit your application.